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Dry Cleaning

“Dry Clean Only”. If you have ever come across a beautiful piece of clothing in the store, odds are really good it has this label in it. Clothes with this care label are made of fabrics that can't just be tossed into a washing machine with water and detergent.

 What's so special about fabrics like rayon, silk, and wool blends? Well, these materials may shrink, change colors or lose their shape if washed in water. All of these fabrics are very delicate and need to be cared for in the best manner. Have you ever put a wool item in the washer or dryer? If so, you may have experienced the extreme resizing of your favorite sweater. In order to avoid ruining your items of clothing with this label, you'll have to take it to the dry cleaner, knowing that your clothes will get the right kind of care.

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“I wanted to say thank you to your staff for the great service the other day. They went above and beyond to get my favorite wool coat ready for winter wear.” — Isobel, Lumberton

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